Teen Coaching

Teen Coaching

Professional Teen coaching helps teens, and college students achieve more success in life.

  • Creation of a personal road map, based upon passion, that spells out goals, objectives and action steps.
  • Personal exploration to know what is needed to move forward intellectually and emotionally.
  • Learn how to manage increased commitments & critical deadlines.
  • Address blocks or obstacles before they become insurmountable.
  • Review and enhance skills around Motivation, Self-Esteem, Self-Advocacy, Resiliency and more.
  • Teen coaching helps individuals do the following important tasks:

    • Recognize specific strengths and needs
    • Set and achieve realistic goals
    • Create necessary structures to meet deadlines
    • Improve financial management skills
    • Improve organizational and time management skills
    • Self-motivate through improved self-talk and self-observation
    • Handle the details of daily life
    • Develop an improved outlook on life
    • Communicate more effectively

    About The Author

    Dr. Banafsheh Pezeshk is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Med-Legal Psychology Evaluator specializing in disability evaluations, medical evaluations, Fit For Duty evaluations, treating traumas, addiction, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions and concerns.

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