Adult Psychology

Adult Psychology

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Professional psychotherapy and counseling are available for children, adolescents, couples, and families, in personalized individual sessions and groups. We will work with you on concerns that range from temporary upsets to problems of a deeper and more complex nature. We will help you work on and resolve specific emotional and social problems in ways that will help you relate better inter-personally and achieve more satisfying life.

We are specialized in various methods of assessments and testings which will help pinpoint the exact areas of concern and draw a blue print of internal and external obstacles to your harmony, happiness, and success.

We also specialize in evidence based, scientifically proven modalities and techniques to not only assist you identify your obstacles, but also train you to deal with future concerns on your own, equipped  with the right tools, and confidently. Adult Psychology is one of the techniques we have mastered.

To see a list of tools, assessments, and modalities we use please visit the appropriate pages on this website, or give us a call. We will be glad to address your questions.

About The Author

Dr. Banafsheh Pezeshk is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Med-Legal Psychology Evaluator specializing in disability evaluations, medical evaluations, Fit For Duty evaluations, treating traumas, addiction, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions and concerns.

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